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TMC offers custom content creation as well as a targeted coaching program which guides you through the process of creating content to attract your target audience.

Social media is an integral part of turning your small businesses followers into paying customers. Consumers highly value the purpose and transparency of every brand they consume. This is why businesses require organic, consistent, creative, and eye-catching content to build their following and brand.

81%  of products or services are either purchased or influenced by social media

Instagram Revamp 

Customized Branding Kit

Our #1 Seller!


An Instagram profile is the modern day business card! As a business owner, branding and digital design is crucial in attracting your ideal customer. 


The Instagram revamp includes:

  • Custom branding to include fonts, hex codes, elements, and photo preset

  • 3 - 6 custom highlight covers

  • 4 custom Instagram  templates of your choice

  • 2 custom Instagram story templates of your choice

  • ( 1 One-hour social media strategy session

Ready to take invest in your brand presence? 


Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, and more!

Do you have multiple business pages online? Uniform branding across your business platforms is key for brand recognition. 

TMC Branding PRojects (1).png

This client opted in for our full branding package! Including custom branding, Instagram templates and a social media banner of your choice!

Are you ready to solidify your brand

presence across MULTIPLE platforms? 

Our Process


During this process, we will take the time to fully understand your business needs and together decide on an action plan that's best for your business.

Proposal & Info

We'll send over a proposal including a project plan and timeline. Once your deposit is satisfied, we'll get started on exchanging necessary on-boarding info.

Design & Approval

TMC will create design concepts discussed during the on-boarding process. Then, we'll share with the client for approval and feedback.


Once a final design is settled on, we'll prep for your launch! 

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